Join Susan for this Live Bootcamp event starting June 13th!


Create Social Media Ads that work,
Understand your results,
and take your business to the next level


The Doors Are Closed

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Join me & a group of small business owners just like you, as we create a system in real-time to set up your social media ads the right way.

For $15, and an ad spend of just $5/day, you’ll walk away confident in:

How to identify images and copy your audience loves, then use them to create ads that build your audience & get traffic to your shop.

How to analyze your results and understand what works for you, so that you get big impact from a small budget.

How to see the actions your audience is taking and get clear on what to do next.

Join today and get a Bonus Lesson:
Find your Audience

One of the biggest barriers to running successful ads is finding the most effective targets for YOUR business.
We want you to get the best results possible, so we created a training that will make finding effective targets easy peasy.
Watch as our Ads Made Easy Coach, Cathy Hayhurst shows you how to find the perfect targets for your top of funnel engagement and video ads.
Download the worksheet and follow her simple steps to identify the targets that will attract "your perfect people" and get them engaging with your content!


Join me (virtually) & a few other friendly faces each day for a week as we take control of our traffic together step by step, in a way that’s simple & easy to implement.


Watch the recordings later at a time that works for you and get the answers you need, when you need them.


Ask your questions in the private Facebook group and get an answer right away from me or one of our coaches.

Don’t let intimidation & overwhelm keep you from engaging your customers. Stop burning money and make social media work for YOU!

A Simple System For Store Owners At All Stages

Hi, I'm Susan.

Feeling like posting to your business page lately is just shouting into a void? Keeping up with the algorithm is a full-time job and your plate is already full.

I’m Susan, I’m a store owner just like you. And after many wins (and some epic failures) I’ve come to know that the key to success is not endless hours on the social media hamster’s traffic.

The great news? YOU can control your traffic! Using our simple, actionable plan you’ll go from crickets to clicks in just a few days, on a budget that won’t put you out of business.

Even if you’ve tried ads in the past, and nothing happened except you spent money and felt like a failure.

Even if you’re not “tech-y” and it seems impossible (I so relate)...You CAN do this.

Join me for a week of Ads Made Easy, and I’ll show you how to create highly effective ads that will get your customers clicking. Ads Made Easy has been game-changing for hundreds of other online store owners, and it will be for you too.

Stop spending countless hours posting and praying for customers to find you. Make social ads work for you so you can finally create the business of your dreams!


See What's Possible For You In Ads Made Easy...


"I'm finally getting NEW customers! My Ads Made Easy work is moving the needle—exactly what I needed."

~Liz Baker

"I have just finished my first Ads Made Easy test & hit the target cost per engagement first try! I am so surprised, as this photo was the one I thought was the least "attractive" of all 3. Just goes to show that these tests are so worth it. Moving on...thank you!"

~Kelly Goodfellow

"It's so darn exhausting to work and work and work and not see results. I finally feel like I have a clear pathway and I know what to do to drive results. It's only the start and I'm so excited to take these results further!"

~Marcha Van