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The #1 strategy to stand out and grow your sales in 2024 

Brand Video Bootcamp

Delight and convert your perfect customers with a DIY brand video



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Learn how to create a video that tells your brand story and sets
apart from the competition.


Join me and a group of store owners just like you, to create a professional-quality brand video that will delight your ideal customers
and attract a huge audience of real people who love your products.

We'll be working together 

All lesson's are recorded and yours to keep!

For just $15, you’ll learn the step-by-step process to creating a
Brand Video video that:

Grows Your Sales

Consistently Attracts Your Perfect CustomersTo Your Site

Engages and Educates Your Site Visitors

Grows Your Social Media Following

Gain the skills and confidence to produce a
brand video that gets you noticed

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Early Bird Bonus:
Get our done-for-you, drag and drop
video templates for $15 (a $29 value)

Don’t have a creative bone in your body? No problem. We’ve created several done-for-you templates appropriate for every type of business, that you can plug and play using your own photos. Walk away with a professional-quality “evergreen commercial” you can use year round to grow your following, drive traffic to your site, and generate sales.

We don’t just tell you what to do and leave you hanging, we’ll guide you step by step, answering your questions along the way.


Lessons are delivered daily, all on one landing page that you can keep, and re-watch as many times as you need. And it's yours to keep forever.

  • Learn together with a small community of people who are all working on the same thing
  • Get daily support and feedback
  • Access a reference library of successful videos (from our Inner Circle members) that get real results

Because I made my Brand video, my new collection sold out in a few days.

“I put [my brand video] out there as an ad with a very low budget, and immediately it started getting really good traction.There were a LOT of comments, a LOT of shares, people were actually sharing it!!!”


-Rachel Flam

Don’t get drowned out in the noisy landscape of social media. Create a brand video that speaks to your ideal customers and make your mark!
Save My Seat!

Here’s what you’ll be learning each day:


Learn what a brand video is and how it’s used. Choose the productions or collections you want to feature, gather your images and/or videos, and begin to prepare your value proposition.


Plan your video structure with our proven format, using photos and videos you already have.


Create your brand video in Canva, using either a Canva template or one of our done-for-you templates.


Go live in the Facebook group for a Q&A session with our team to check in on your progress and get your questions answered.


Learn how to use your brand video to market your business. See example of member brand videos and hear their success stories.

Don’t miss out on this powerful, beginner-friendly method of connecting with your customers. No tech skills necessary–you CAN make a brand video that gets results!

All lessons are recorded and yours to keep

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Emma is getting sales and new customers directly from her Brand Video.

“[The brand video] has been extraordinary in that it's changed the words that I use to talk about the features and benefits. I use them in everything now–in every email and every post, even in my alt text!”

-Emma Adeane

1. What if I don't have pictures of my product, or I haven’t launched yet?

We want you to walk away from this training with a great video that’s ready for primetime. This training is best for store owners who are already selling products online, and who have clear product photos ready to plug in.

2. I don't have video to use, will this work for me?

YES! No videos needed, you can use product photos you already have to create an animated video that tells a story and keeps your audience wanting more

3. What if I'm not tech-savvy?

Our process is practically fail-proof! No tech or video skills necessary. We’ll show you exactly what to do, guiding you through the process step by step. And if you need help, we’ll have a live Q&A session on day 4 to make sure you’re on track.

4. I’m camera shy, do I have to be in my brand video?

Nope! We have lots of examples of successful brand videos with AND without people, so no need to show your face–let your products do the talking.

5. Will I need special programs or software?

This course uses the free online version of Canva, so you don’t need any special editing software or skills. It’s super easy and intuitive to use.


Stop feeling invisible. Grab your seat now and let’s make a video that gets your customers excited about your product!


Carmen found the people who love her Art

Carmen is an award winning, Sydney based pencil artist. She used this training to create a brand video that has grown her audience to 60k per month. When Carmen added a version of her brand video to her website, the time her customers spent on site increased by 30 seconds. This is a huge win, because the longer people spend on your website, the more likely they are to buy!

Holly is growing her sales because 60,000 people see her Capes every month!

Holly handmakes personalized hero capes designed to ignite imaginations and build a child's self-esteem. Holly used the brand video strategy to grow her monthly social media audience views from 4k per month to 60k per month. She achieved this between July and November by combining this video training, and the low budget ad strategy we teach in Ads Made Easy. Holly is now set up for her best 4th quarter ever.

Sile’s Brand Video resulted in 22
extra sales within a few weeks

Stop posting and praying your store will get noticed.
Sign up today and make your brand unmissable.


Check out the creative Brand Videos crafted
by our Inner Circle members

Hi, I'm Susan.

Have you been feeling like your store is getting lost in the sea of online businesses? Does it seem like posting to your page is just shouting into a void?

I’m Susan, I’m a store owner just like you. And what I know for sure is that there IS a way to stand out in the noisy social media landscape.

This is my #1 strategy for reaching a huge audience of your perfect buyers–and you don’t need to spend a fortune or hire a professional to do it for you. It’s VIDEO. And we’ve created a proven, beginner-friendly method that will give you an evergreen “commercial” you can use season after season, year after year.

You don’t have to be tech-y. You don’t even have to be creative....You CAN produce a professional-quality video to tell your brand’s story, skyrocket your audience, and speak directly to your ideal customers.

Join me for a week of Brand Video Bootcamp, and I’ll show you how to create highly effective videos that will get your customers engaged and ready to add to cart. Brand Video Bootcamp has been game-changing for our Inner Circle members, and it will be for you too.

Stop feeling invisible and praying for customers to find you. Make video work for you so you can finally create the business of your dreams!