Build Your Sales Funnel

Create your plan for more sales every month

Join me for this hands-on Workshop. I’ll show you how to use your data to build your Sales Funnel and finally feel confident that you have a solid plan for your store.

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You’ll start where you are, right now.

This isn’t a one size fits all training.
Together, we’ll use your data to build your Sales Funnel. I’ll show
you how to get a high level, Big Picture overview of exactly what
your business needs right now. I’ll give you the work you need to
do this month, based on where you are today. You’ll leave feeling
confident, knowing the work you need to implement, to have a
big impact on your sales. 

After just 60 minutes, you’ll have a strategy.

You’ll learn how to update your Sales Funnel data every month
and you’ll actually see your progress in black and white! Each
month you’ll note your progress and create your plan to do the
work that will grow your sales next month. This is the most
effective work you can do to reach your sales goals this year.

Start doing work that moves the needle this month!

Sessions are limited to 100 seats.
Cost: $10 A self study replay will be delivered to all registrants.