If you’re ready to get clarity and have a tried and tested path to follow all the way to consistent sales, we can help you.

Join the Inner Circle Now

If you’re ready to get clarity and have a tried and tested path to follow all the way to consistent sales, we can help you.

Join the Inner Circle Now


Imagine you held the map that would lead you to e-commerce success...

Plus a supportive and smart community to help you along the way.


What will you be able to achieve in your e-commerce business?

A solid foundation, consistent revenue, and one step closer to financial independence.

You’re tired of fussing with complicated marketing strategies and gambling on Facebook ads that don’t work.

All while you’re sitting by and wondering why your competitors are seemingly rising to success, selling more, and making more money than you. You just don’t get it.

You need to show the world that you’re serious.

You’ve been at this online business thing for a while, or maybe you’re just getting started. Either way, you don’t have time to mess around. You’re worried that if you don’t start getting some sales that you’ll have to admit defeat and go get a 9-to-5 job.

You simply want someone to tell you what steps to take in order to get results.

Join the Inner Circle Now

We’ve been there, and we created the map to help you get there too.

Imagine spending less time in your business because you’re laser-focused on doing the right things. You’re excited to hear the ‘ka-ching’ of a new sale come in. And another one, and another one…

And even better, you know you’re building your e-commerce business to last because you’re doing the work, one step at a time to lay an unshakeable foundation that will support your success for years to come. You’re spending more time enjoying your family and all the things you love doing. All while watching your business take off.

“My business is growing steadily at 230% per year, and I’m on track for seven figures in less than two years! Success can still happen when you’re a very imperfect human like myself!”

Leah Suzanne

This map to e-commerce success was created for you by people who actually make money selling products online.

This training is built to walk you through the process, so you’re doing things in the right order, and making the most of every second you spend on your business.

Here’s what you’ll get inside Inner Circle:

  • You’ll learn step-by-step how to build an e-commerce business with a solid foundation that generates consistent revenue.
  • A friendly and supportive community of business owners who have been where you are and who are right there with you.
  • Fast answers from real people who are making real money selling products online.
  • A safe online community where you can share your success, celebrate wins, and brainstorm ideas.
  • Access to all the lessons you’ll need to start implementing and getting wins fast!
  • Book 1:1 time with our progress coaches who can get you unstuck at an exclusive members-only rate you can afford.

"4 weeks of paying myself!!! Whoop whoop! Plus, this week’s traffic is at an all time high 1600!!! I finally feel like this is a business, not a hobby and I’m loving every minute of it!!

Thank you so much for all you do and all you offer. You’re literally changing my life and I’m so grateful."

Chontelle Fossey, The Lily Pot

Finally! The answers you’ve been looking for and the community you’ve been craving. Stop wondering if you’re doing it right.

Here’s the map to your e-commerce success.
There are 3 modules created for you by people who actually make money selling products online.

traffic bootcamp

You’ll learn how to create social media posts that get people to click through to your site.

You’ll get free traffic, and understand how to get low cost paid traffic by testing with a tiny budget. 

You’ll discover how to navigate Facebook and Google Ads like a pro, and how to find the most effective targets at a low cost.

You’ll build your own responsive audiences, so you can control your results.

You’ll get real results, and learn how to build a custom report so you can quickly analyze your data at a glance.

Then, you’ll know what’s good, what’s not, and finally be able to stop wasting money and use your budget wisely.

conversion school

Learn what it takes to really turn website visitors into buyers.

Get familiar with the stats that are important for you to understand, track, and measure.

We’ll demystify Google Analytics, show you exactly what to look at, and how to use your data to grow your sales without spending a dime.

Start generating real leads for your business.

You’ll learn the power of growing a quality email list.

You’ll find leads, set up an email funnel, and start generating reliable sales every day of the year.

You’ll build a system to warm up your prospects so they get to know, like, and trust you. Before you know it, they’re ready to buy.

You’ll get our proven multi-layered plan that includes audience building, re-targeting, and email marketing.

And then, you’ll take action and execute the plan in Conversion Bootcamp.

inner circle playbook

You’ll get dozens of ideas on how to market your business.

Every marketing idea includes easy to execute plans that will get you real, predictable sales.

Brainstorm and share marketing ideas in our live monthly planning sessions.

The sessions are designed to make sure you turn the page on every month with a solid plan to get sales.

Learn new skills from businesses like yours through Member Shares and Case Studies.

You’ll gain inspiration from other members and how they have used the concepts taught to grow their businesses.

The Inner Circle is a monthly membership, expert advice, and online course all rolled into one.

For $49.97/month

Inside The Inner Circle you’ll also get:

  • A step-by-step, proven plan to follow, so you’ll make every minute spent on your business count

  • Access to a growing library of downloadable worksheets and tools to track your progress along the way

  • Support, feedback, and answers to all your questions from our Experts in an active Facebook group of e-commerce store owners
  • A community who’s right there with you, or has gone before you showing you the strategies that get sales

  • Just need a little 1:1 time? Book a 30-minute session with a progress coach for only $45 and get unstuck

  • Live Monthly Action Plan calls, where you come away with specific strategies to move the needle in your business, based on your data
Join the Inner Circle Now

Meet Susan Bradley

Hi, I’m Susan, founder of The Social Sales Girls.

I’ve taught thousands of store owners how to get more traffic and more sales in our Inner Circle Member’s Program.

Like you, I’m an e-commerce store owner too. I’ve grown and sold two businesses, and I’m working on a third. I know the challenges you face as you grow your sales, and I understand the rollercoaster of emotions you experience when it gets hard.

The Inner Circle is the training I wish I’d had when I was just starting.

I can’t wait to meet you on the inside.

Meet our Progress Coaches!

Foundations Coach: Cathy Hayhurst

Cathy is an ecommerce shop owner and Inner Circle member. Cathy specialises in helping members prepare a solid foundation for their business. She is very familiar with the classroom and can help you identify your audience, get started with Facebook ads and ensure you have all the tools in place to get the most out of the Inner Circle training.

“Cathy helped make sense of the training and developed a budget and strategy to meet my current goals.”

“She was lovely to work with, answered all my questions fully and I’M SO glad you have someone available to help.”

“Cathy was amazing gave me so much advice and structure. I will definitely be back!”

Traffic Bootcamp Coach: Melanie Nightingale

Melanie is a shop owner, and a long time Inner Circle Member. She knows her way around the classroom and can help you find the help you need. Melanie has a deep understanding of the Facebook Ads Manager and can help you apply the lessons from the classroom to your business. She is thoughtful, patient, and resourceful.

“Melanie helped identify key and simple improvements I could make to my ad strategy. She also explained clearly how and why I should make the changes.”

“Melanie was super helpful and came up with some great ideas on how to move forward with my ads. The follow-up with additional info and suggestions was really great, and more than expected. I’ll definitely book with her again when I need fresh eyes and/or help with my ads.”

“Melanie is great at quickly assessing the situation and giving you next steps – everything an entrepreneur needs!”

Conversion School Coach: Tina Bar-On

Tina is a shop owner and long time Inner Circle member. Tina specializes in helping you analyze where you should be spending your ad budget and developing strategies that will help you achieve your traffic and sales goals. Tina can also help you analyze and understand the data in your Google Analytics account and can get you started with Pinterest Promoted Pins.

“Probably my best coaching session to date! Very practical analysis and suggestions. Very thoughtful and knowledgable with responses. SUPER HAPPY!”

“She was AMAZING!! She solved so many issues so quickly and I have already recommended her to a few people in the group.”

“She was quick and to the point. She immediately identified one small simple thing to fix that would make a difference – I implemented that after the call, and I’ve already gotten 3 conversions from cold traffic! Very much worth the money!!”

Marketing Mastery Coach: Tania Bisaz

Tania is a shop owner and long time Inner Circle member. Tania excels at getting an audience to take action and has grown her shop from zero to a thriving six-figure shop by applying the lessons in the Inner Circle in a way that is natural and appealing to her clients.

“Tania was helpful with the reason I booked but went above and beyond by offering other creative ideas about my marketing plan moving forward.”

“Thanks to Tania, I now have an action plan! She is super easy to talk with.”

“She had a quick understanding of all I want to do. She helped me prioritize and gave me three action steps to move forward. She referred me to others for specialized help with aspects of my blog and store.”

Maker's Coach: Kelly Barth

Kelly is an e-commerce shop owner, Maker, and Inner Circle member. Kelly specializes in helping Makers switch from Etsy to their own site, price for success, and hire help. She is also very familiar with the classroom and Inner Circle training and can help you come up with a plan to engage your audience, drive traffic, and increase conversion.

“Kelly gave invaluable advice. We also went over things that weren't on the agenda that I have already executed. Love her!”

“She was an awesome sounding board and gave me ideas I hadn't even thought to ask about!”

“Kelly came very prepared and knew exactly what I needed to get unstuck on my production.”

Paid Traffic Coach: Leona Griffin

Leona is a certified Google Expert and an advanced Facebook Ads Coach. Leona specializes in Google Shopping, Display Ads, Search Ads, Brand Awareness, and Retargeting. Leona is active in our Member’s Facebook Group, answering questions, and is available for 1:1 coaching calls, or you can hire her to manage your ad accounts. Leona is a Google Partner, Certified in Display, Search, Shopping and Video.

"I'm stunned. I have a massive win to report. I worked with Leona to do a FB lead gen ad for my sale this Jan. The sale just ended yesterday. When I look at my KL I have 300 new leads and my sales were up 491% from Jan 2020 !! The most leads I've ever gotten from any event was 79. Thank you for everything Leona... now to the studio to start making these orders!! (You can bet I'm focusing on traffic this year Susan)"

Klaviyo Coach: Claudia Howard

Claudia is a certified Klaviyo Expert and a Shopify Partner. She specializes in lead generation strategies, automated email funnels, email list management and SMS marketing. Claudia has a deep knowledge of both Klaviyo and Shopify. Most days she’s in our Member’s Facebook Group, answering questions and providing support. She’s available for 1:1 coaching calls, or you can hire her for a “done for you” task.

"Thank you Claudia for being awesome. I followed your advice and got some amazing results and insights. All of the TSSG Team is amazing and helpful and supportive. So happy to be in this group."

Finally, you’ll discover what works, and what to leave behind as you start gaining traction online in your business.

"I just want to say a big thank you to everyone involved in The Social Sales Girls and for all of the support. I have made so much progress since joining and I have learned so much from you all. I am growing considerably every month and it is all down to what I have been learning in the group.

I totally recommend to everyone to have calls with coaches. I have had calls with Melanie Nightingale, Tania Bisaz and two with Tina (who is amazing.) They were all worth every penny and really helped me to make progress.

Thanks Susan Bradley. I have watched and re-watched so much of the training and implemented step by step.

I am so pleased that I found The Social Sales Girls."

Thalia Shaw
Sparkle Lighting

Inner Circle Monthly Membership




Inner Circle Annual Membership




Here’s what our members think of the Inner Circle:


"I wasn’t sure if joining an online membership and not meeting in person would work for me.

Since joining the Inner Circle, I’ve learned why I should run Facebook ads and how to run them. I’ve gained the support and collective knowledge of the team and the other members. I’ve increased my traffic and definitely feel more confident in many areas.

I love the support and camaraderie of everyone on the team and in the group and knowing that I have a place to turn for support, learning, sharing successes and challenges and much more!"

Milissa Marshall, Brag Swag

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